6 Last Mile Delivery Challenges and Solutions in Today’s Market
same day delivery market

Last mile delivery refers to the last leg of the supply chain i.e. the movement of materials from the distribution center to its final destination (customer or business entity). It is a crucial step in the delivery process. In today’s market, last mile delivery has immense potential due to its significance in the e-commerce industry. […]

7 Ways Blockchain Technology Is Revolutionizing the Transportation and Logistics Industry
blockchain technology for logistics and transportation

The logistics and transportation industries have been ridden with inefficiency for many years. A range of problems such as administrative costs and inefficiency, payment dispute resolution, tracking and traceability, etc. have been limiting the potential of supply chains and transportation. New solutions are employing technological innovations to address these issues. Blockchain technology, for instance, is […]

How Blockchain Technology Is Overcoming Last Mile Delivery Challenges

The rise of e-commerce and the consequent growth of the logistics industry has resulted in challenges for the last mile delivery service model. The demand of the industry proves to be a challenge for the last leg of delivery. Incomplete deliveries and errors result in dissatisfied customers. On the other hand, there may be substantial […]