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About Us

VOLT provides a decentralized alternative for delivery services which reduces operating costs and delays, so the customer minimizes cost, and the messenger maximizes earnings. Our methods reduce the traditional commission fees from a low of 20% to a high of 5% per delivery.

With a blockchain-encrypted ledger, users maintain anonymity while its transparency informs them of the actual fees and expenses involved; this transparency also secures the users’ sensitive information and guarantees messenger reputation – incentives are in place to encourage feedback from both parties.

Inefficient human-intervention is substituted with superior AI technology which optimizes the route and automatically calculates the cost while considering variables such as: weather, fluctuations in supply and demand, holidays, distance, and transportation method. This system provides same-day delivery, real-time tracking, and financial guarantees, without the costly regulations and requirements of traditional delivery services.

Investment Partners

Many investors are in business with VOLT.
The investors actually use VOLT’s platform to reduce costs.

Business Partners

More than 150 companies are in business with VOLT.
Our relationship with the business partners is based on the trust that VOLT has built up.