How First and Last Mile Delivery Startups Are Revolutionizing the Logistics Ecosystem

first and last mile delivery startup companies

With the growth of e-commerce and the popularity of online shopping, the shipping logistics ecosystem must step up to the task of revamping delivery services. Logistic startups have begun devising cost-effective innovative models to optimize the first and last mile of the delivery process.

The goal of these startups is to improve efficiency and to do it in a way that maximizes a company’s profit and keeps consumers happy. This is done by using new technologies that are focused on tackling the existing problems with maximum efficiency and minimum expenditure.

Every Mile Matters

To ensure the success of a retail or e-commerce business, the logistics supporting its supply chain must constantly reinvent and innovate with effective solutions for speedy delivery.

There are two important stages of the supply chain. The first stage is called the ‘first mile’ of the supply chain. The primary focus during this step is to ensure the optimal level of the overall production process.

The second stage refers to the last leg of the process (or the ‘last mile’) and refers to the transportation of the package from the transport hub to the customer. It is the last step of the delivery process.

First Mile Problems

The common drawbacks encountered during the first mile are associated with the production process. For instance, the lack of an optimal order management system may result in a disconnection between product design and sourcing. When all the participants of a supply chain are not united by a single solution, the production time suffers.

first mile delivery logistics

Last Mile Problems

The last mile is generally the most expensive and time-consuming part of the supply chain. This is because it involves multiple stops with low drop sizes.

The rise of e-commerce has also created a customer base that expects fast and free delivery. However, if the customer is not home at the time of delivery, precious time, money and effort may be lost during this stage.

Rising to this challenge, a unique startup provides cutting-edge logistics support to keep pace with the increased demand. Thanks to a revolutionary delivery model based on blockchain technology, retailers can now offer an optimized shipping experience to their customers, while cutting their logistics costs.

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